What is I-Support?

For a single FIXED MONTHLY FEE, ICS will remove the burden of managing your network by providing everything  you need for maintaining your Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, Switches, Routers, Printers, and more.  This allows you to leverage our resources in order to increase efficiencies while REDUCING YOUR COSTS!

Our Managed Services (I-Support) are Information Technology Services delivered to a committed service level in exchange for a predictable fee with no long term contracts and can be canceled by either party within 30 days.

Advantages of ICS I-Support

Network Documentation

I-Support includes a full and up to date network documentation and inventory within 4 weeks of paid engagement. We will provide adequate documentation illustrating all servers, all workstations and all peripherals.  The documentation will also itemize the software in use within the network as well as a detailed description of the hardware and settings of the network.  This document will be updated as needed and again annually to reflect any changes in assets.

Change from Reactive to PROACTIVE!

Reliability, high availability, and uptime are no longer an option in today's networks.  I-Support leverages GFI Max, the industry leader in Network Management and Remote Monitoring Software, to actively monitor every heart beat of your network.  This management and monitoring ability often anticipates and proactively corrects problems that can be disastrous to your network before you know about them and before they become a catastrophe.

Response Times

When you contact us to request support, we will contact you within 1 hour.  If you contact us about an emergency issue, we will respond within 30 minutes and be on site if needed within 2 hours from the request receipt.  All emergency issues are given priority response.  An emergency is to be declared by the client, but normally is defined by an impact to 20% or more of the users or an impact to a major business application or critical system such as an HR manager's PC during payroll.

Network Alerting & Monitoring

So what is monitored?

  • Windows Servers
  • Printers
  • Network Status
  • Network Devices
  • Windows Workstations

Service Ticket & Tracking

Also included is our Service Ticket Tracking Software.  You can choose to send an email or call our office for a service ticket to be started or you can login at www.icsit.net and create your own service request.  This system maintains a full history of all service tickets and resolutions.  A report will be generated monthly detailing what work was performed, by whom, how long, and for what user and department.

Remote Access

Fast, 256 Bit RC4 Secure, I-Support's Remote Control Software provides easy remote desktop management of your entire computing infrastructure.  Each end user also has the capability of optionally blocking remote control access to his or her computer systems.  In addition, we have the ability to give end users access to remote control their system form a remote location using the same connection method we do.  Secure Broadcast Messaging from administrators to all or select computers are also provided.  We can even record our remote sessions for future review if required or requested.


  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Disk Utilization
  • Network Usage and Statistics
  • Server and Workstation Uptime History
  • I-Support Trouble Tickets
  • Computer Logs and Status

Tier 3 Technician

A Tier 3 Technician will conduct a review and analysis of your network and create a network topology map.  Typically we would like to invited at once a quarter to discuss changes in your IT environment, planning for future equipment needs, upgrades, moves, adds, changes, and anything else that is affecting your network in order continuously have a "road map" with predictable budgets.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is included.  Support and maintenance are covered by I-Support.


Eliminate 99.9% of your spam NOW without installing anything on the desktops or the servers.  This is a hosted solution where your email gets scrubbed FIRST and is then delivered to the recipient (in less than 3 seconds).  With 8 out of 10 emails today being junk, you recapture bandwidth and are not bogged down by spam.  Best of all, if your internet or email goes down, the system retains email for one year.  While there is no need for fine tuning, users have their own dashboard to examine quarantined spam.

Email Archiving (optional service - you pay for the service only, we cover installation & ongoing support)

While backup takes care of the disasters, what takes care of the subpoenas and lawsuits?  With today's E-Discovery laws you have to be able to produce electronic documents if required by a court.  Do you have a way to quickly search your entire email system and find emails to and from specified people about a specified subject?  With our email archive solution you will be able to search past emails for senders, receivers, subjects, text, body, and attachments.

Off Site Backup (optional service - you pay for the service only, we cover installation & ongoing support)

Whether your data is located on a Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server or a workstation, we can backup your files nightly and keep versions of them.  We can even backup open files, and Unix/Linux Servers.  There are no expensive tape backups to break.  Just set it and forget it!

Web Filtering

With more and more of your business requiring everyone to have internet access, you have to find a way to control what they do with that access.  Do you know how much time each employee wastes each day browsing the web on sites that are not work related?  With our web filtering solution you can define what sites or types of sites your employees can visit during the work day.  You can define the rules for the organization, group, or employee.  You will be able to run reports to see how your employees are using their time and whether it is to help the business.

Vendor Management of other Technical Related Devices

We take care of managing all your "technology relationships".  Let your employees handle the responsibilities of their respecting jobs while we engage your vendors as needed.  Forget having to call your copier company and "speak tech" with them...we have our covered.

Patch Management

Wondering whether you should download that latest patch from your software vendor?  Let us vet these patches prior to implementation via I-Support.  We will work with you and if needed your software company to ensure your operations aren't impacted negatively by the latest software and/or firmware updates and patches.

As you can see the I-Support package offered by ICS is an in-depth, ongoing relationship that will partner your business, agency, or practice with ICS for all your technology needs.  Contact ICS today for a consolation of your IT needs and to see if I-Support is for you!